XML Security Tools in danger

Yes, the XML Security Tools are really in danger. Those of you following the improvement of the project didn‘t see much lately. Not that I'm not interested in Eclipse or XML Security any more. But my free time is very limited and I desperately need a co-developer supporting me and the project.

As a first step, I have integrated the XML Security Tools into JCrypTool, and moved the adapted code into our Crypto GitHub repository. The XML Security Tools are located in the org.jcryptool.crypto.xml projects there. This code differs from the code at eclipse.org to match the JCrypTool requirements and extension points. Integration is by far not complete, and the code needs some love – feel free to contact me and join the JCrypTool project.

On Eclipse side, Dave Carver will be separating the XML Security Tools code into a separate Git repository. If no one steps up, the code will be archived there.