Apache XML Security 1.5.0 released

Apache Santuario 1.5.0 has been released. As the release notes point out, this release is not binary compatible with Santuario 1.4 any more. There are some really good updates included, of which I like that Xalan/Xerces are not required dependencies any more the most. Under the covers, support for Java 1.4 was dropped, and generics… Continue reading Apache XML Security 1.5.0 released

XML Security tutorials now on GitHub

The German XML Security tutorials are now developed on GitHub. This does not affect the Eclipse XML Security Tools at all; the German tutorials will never be integrated there. The sources are only used to generate the tutorials available on my home page. I'm working on some content updates. As soon as this will be… Continue reading XML Security tutorials now on GitHub

Integrating XML Security Tools into JCrypTool – chapter 1

The first commands of the XML Security Tools are running in JCrypTool! Download our latest pre release candidate 5 build and have a first look. There is still a lot to do, only the XML Canonicalization is fully working so far. And most of the documentation is available. The integrated Apache XML Security library has… Continue reading Integrating XML Security Tools into JCrypTool – chapter 1

Developers wanted

As you might know, I‘m the component lead for the Eclipse XML Security Tools. Since my time is very limited, I haven‘t done much lately. Which is sad, since XML Security is an important topic in the ever growing web services world. And Eclipse is a great platform! That‘s the reason why I‘m looking for… Continue reading Developers wanted

First steps with EGit

I have pushed my first bug fix with EGit today (bug 319343, which occurred when canceling an XML Security Tools wizard). Developing the fix was easy, using EGit not (OK, some rookie trouble): The commit to my local repo worked fine. But the push failed. I dropped over bug 317389. Every push failed with the… Continue reading First steps with EGit

XML Security Tools with Hudson builds and update site

XML Security Tools now builds on Hudson! One nice side effect is the update site support, which makes installations much easier for you. Simply add the URL to your update sites and you can receive every update easily. With special thanks to Dave Carver for the setup work.