XML Security Tools in danger

Yes, the XML Security Tools are really in danger. Those of you following the improvement of the project didn‘t see much lately. Not that I'm not interested in Eclipse or XML Security any more. But my free time is very limited and I desperately need a co-developer supporting me and the project. As a first […]

Developers wanted

As you might know, I‘m the component lead for the Eclipse XML Security Tools. Since my time is very limited, I haven‘t done much lately. Which is sad, since XML Security is an important topic in the ever growing web services world. And Eclipse is a great platform! That‘s the reason why I‘m looking for […]

First steps with EGit

I have pushed my first bug fix with EGit today (bug 319343, which occurred when canceling an XML Security Tools wizard). Developing the fix was easy, using EGit not (OK, some rookie trouble): The commit to my local repo worked fine. But the push failed. I dropped over bug 317389. Every push failed with the […]

XML Security Tools updates

Quite a few things are happening around the XML Security Tools at the moment. For one thing, Eric Fu (Canada) is supporting me with bug reports and (much more important) their fixes. He is not an official committer yet, but I very much welcome his support! And a new developer requires me to set up […]