Java Web Security Workshop

The Java Web Security Workshop is a two day event focussed on the secure development of Java web applications (a reduction to one day is possible). It completely covers the current OWASP Top 10/ OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls, but goes beyond the topics covered there at various occasions and will give participating developers a strong understanding of Java web security.


Covered Topics

  1. Security Basics
  2. Java Security
  3. Threat Modeling
  4. Security Header
  5. Security Frameworks
  6. Security Tools
  7. OWASP Top 10
  8. Application Intrusion Detection
  9. Wrap-up and Next Steps

There is no previous security knowledge required, but you do need a strong understanding of Java web application development (and you should have some experience in this area). The workshop will take place onsite at your company, and is suitable for up to 12 participants (recommended size). Every participant needs to bring his own notebook with Linux, OS X or Windows and install the following required software: your favorite IDE (eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans), Java 8, Git, Maven 3 and Firefox with FireBugs and FoxyProxy plug-ins. You should have admin rights on your machine, since we will install and configure OWASP ZAP and OWASP Dependency Check during the workshop (a VM is possible too).

The workshop consists of a mix of theory, demonstrations, lots of Java code and practical exercises and includes a detailed guide with all course material (about 400 pages). All course material is in English, spoken language is either German or English.

The workshop is bookable only via bridgingIT. Feel free to contact me for details.

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