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  • JCrypTool Release Candidate 6 planning started

    Release planning for our final JCrypTool release candidate, the magic number is 6, has started. This release is already scheduled for March 2012 and will complete (hopefully) all features, fix all open bugs and finalize the documentation (the most important part). So please keep on testing our current release candidate 5 and report bugs and…

  • JCrypTool Release Candidate 5 available

    JCrypTool Release Candidate 5 is available for download! This release contains the new crypto plug-ins DES, Homomorphic Encryption and Viterbi. Plus many bugfixes, some smaller new features and improvements. Have a look at our wiki for detailled release information. Since the new crypto portal is not ready yet, the download is a little bit complicated…

  • Apache Santuario 1.4.6 available

    A new maintenance release (1.4.6) of Apache Santuario, the Apache XML Security project, is available. The release notes are a little bit confusing. Looks like five bugs were fixed. The new version will be available in the next JCrypTool release.

  • JCrypTool on GitHub

    JCrypTool moved to GitHub! Migration was a little pain in the ass, mostly due to our somehow strange project structure in our Subversion repositories on SourceForge. The new repositories on GitHub are much cleaner and easier to use. Besides that, of course, GitHub (and Git) is much faster. Our projects at SourceForge will be read-only…

  • New JCrypTool Developers and Users groups at Google

    The JCrypTool Developers and JCrypTool Users groups are now located at Google groups. The new developers group is available here: And the new users group is available at Feel free to join the JCrypTool community!

  • JCrypTool full-screen support on Mac OS X 10.7

    Thanks to Alex Blewitt's blog post JCrypTool now offers full-screen support on Mac OS X 10.7. Not a perfect solution, since some Eclipse internals are used which create the corresponding Java compiler warnings. But better than no full-screen at all. The visualizations look just great in full-screen! Hopefully Eclipse will provide an official solution for…

  • Integrating XML Security Tools into JCrypTool – chapter 2

    More updates for the XML Security Tools in JCrypTool: download our latest pre release candidate 5 build and enjoy a working Digital Signature wizard! Most of the other stuff is working too, at least partly. Feel free to report bugs or missing features, your feedback is always welcome.

  • Integrating XML Security Tools into JCrypTool – chapter 1

    The first commands of the XML Security Tools are running in JCrypTool! Download our latest pre release candidate 5 build and have a first look. There is still a lot to do, only the XML Canonicalization is fully working so far. And most of the documentation is available. The integrated Apache XML Security library has…

  • Getting started with JCrypTool – January 2011 edition available

    Our updated Getting started with JCrypTool guide is available for download (PDF, 1.5 MB). This guide provides a JCrypTool overview for new users as well as first steps for our crypto plug-in developers out there. The new version reflects the changes and updates introduced with our latest release candidate 4 from December 29th, 2010.

  • JCrypTool 1.0.0 Release Candidate 4 is here

    JCrypTool 1.0.0 Release Candidate 4 is available for download. This is an important release on our journey to the final version. See our wiki for a complete feature and bugfix list for this release. One more release candidate will be coming up, some time around March or April 2011. Some of the new and updated…