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  • JavaOne Apache Camel Security Session Update

    It‘s been a while since I last blogged about my JavaOne session. Slides are more or less finished, only the last touch is missing. First time for me with a totally Zen based presentation, I‘m looking forward to that! And I‘m working hard on a cool demo. There is absolutely no Camel security knowledge required […]

  • Camel Security @ JavaOne – What is it all about?

    As JavaOne 2012 is coming closer, it's time for some more information on my session CON3418 – Confident Data Transfers with Apache Camel Security. As you might have already guessed, it's all about Apache Camel security. So, what exactly is so special about Camel security? Well, it is of course possible to secure any Camel […]

  • Get ready for the Java Forum Stuttgart 2012

    July 5th 2012 is coming closer, and with that the Java Forum Stuttgart as well as my (German) session Sichere Software vom Java-Entwickler. This session will give you some ideas and recommendations for all of the problems and risks mentioned in the current OWASP Top 10. Since 10 is quite a number for 45 minutes, […]

  • Confident Data Transfers with Apache Camel Security at JavaOne 2012

    Fantastic news today (with a little delay due to various reasons): My session on Confident Data Transfers with Apache Camel Security at JavaOne 2012 was accepted! So hurry up, sign up for it! It‘ll be all about securing Camel routes with XML-Security or normal cryptography and how to use Apache Shiro or Spring Security components […]