Oh yeah, the build is green

A green bar for a good feeling! Thanks to the help and support of Dave Carver who finally fixed all failing JUnit tests, the build (actually the tests) is green. Download the latest XML Security Tools release from http://build.eclipse.org/webtools/committers. Attention: this is still an integration build, so use it at your own risk! Reason for… Continue reading Oh yeah, the build is green

XML Security Tools builds available

XML Security Tools version 0.5 (the first official version) is available for download at http://build.eclipse.org/webtools/committers (scroll down to xmlsec-R0.5). A lot of JUnit tests fail at the moment in the automatic build process, which does not happen locally (yeah, that’s always a good excuse!). But at any time be aware that this is a nightly… Continue reading XML Security Tools builds available

JCrypTool 1.0.0 Milestone 3 available

JCrypTool is an e-learning platform presenting cryptography and cryptanalysis in a modern and easy-to-use fashion. It is built as platform-independent open-source software based on Java and Eclipse (Rich Client Platform, RCP). Milestone 3, available from today, of JCrypTool continues the changes started in the Milestone 2 release. The complete JCrypTool platform is now completely available… Continue reading JCrypTool 1.0.0 Milestone 3 available

XML Security Tools Update

Seit einigen Wochen ist ja mein XML-Security Plug-In in Form der XML Security Tools im Eclipse Web Tools Platform Incubator gelandet. Die Arbeit geht voran, unter http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/incubator finden sich jetzt auch Hinweise auf das neue Projekt. Das werde ich in den nächsten Tagen noch ausbauen. Ich hoffe im Laufe der nächsten Woche den Build Process… Continue reading XML Security Tools Update