First steps with EGit

I have pushed my first bug fix with EGit today (bug 319343, which occurred when canceling an XML Security Tools wizard). Developing the fix was easy, using EGit not (OK, some rookie trouble): The commit to my local repo worked fine. But the push failed. I dropped over bug 317389. Every push failed with the… Continue reading First steps with EGit

XML Security Tools with Hudson builds and update site

XML Security Tools now builds on Hudson! One nice side effect is the update site support, which makes installations much easier for you. Simply add the URL to your update sites and you can receive every update easily. With special thanks to Dave Carver for the setup work.

New XML Security Tools build

I have released a new XML Security Tools build today. This release includes only some documentation updates which are available in the Eclipse wiki too (in the Documentation/ User Guide section).

New XML Security Tools build available

A new XML Security Tools build is available. This new integration build on the official Web Tools download page contains a complete English online help for the whole plug-in as well as several UI enhancements and different bug fixes. The German tutorials are completely up to date too.

New XML Security Tools release available

A new XML Security Tools release is available for download. This release contains some minor UI enhancements in the XML Encryption Wizard which should make it easier to use. And I continued working on the documentation (a.k.a. online help) which now contains some parts of the XML Encryption Wizard too. As a reminder: all documentation… Continue reading New XML Security Tools release available

Cross plug-in references in the Eclipse help

Extending the Eclipse help is simply writing html pages. And linking between those pages is easy as long as the pages all reside in the same plug-in. Cross plug-in references (linking from plug-in A help page to plug-in B help page) requires just a little bit more information in the link: <a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/plug-in-id/path/page.html">My other plug-in</a>… Continue reading Cross plug-in references in the Eclipse help

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From Actions to Commands

I moved from Actions to Commands lately for all XML Security Tools operations. Except some removed icons, the XML Security context menu doesn't look much different. So why all the work (or trouble)? Well, Commands are much cooler: clean separation of UI and business logic, and therefore reusable. Yes, it's possible to reuse Actions too,… Continue reading From Actions to Commands