My session at the Java Forum Stuttgart

My session for the upcoming Java Forum Stuttgart, Push up your code – next generation version control with (E)Git, was accepted! May session takes place at 12:15 p.m. (D4). As you can probably guess, it is about Git, especially about the Eclipse version EGit. The slides are in English, but I'll be speaking German. See […]

Eclipse WindowBuilder release available

There are tons of really good Eclipse plug-ins out there. But a really good GUI builder wasn't available so far. This has changed with the WindowBuilder proposal in December 2010, announcing the relocation of the famous (and formerly commercial) Eclipse GUI builder plug-in to Eclipse. WindowBuilder is now an official Eclipse plug-in, finally making available […]

Developers wanted

As you might know, I‘m the component lead for the Eclipse XML Security Tools. Since my time is very limited, I haven‘t done much lately. Which is sad, since XML Security is an important topic in the ever growing web services world. And Eclipse is a great platform! That‘s the reason why I‘m looking for […]

The trouble

Recently we have upgraded JCrypTool from Eclipse 3.5 to Eclipse 3.6. And had to bring in a bunch of new plug-in dependencies since org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui.sdk suddenly required (and of course required some more plug-ins). Thanks to Kai‘s Blog there is a solution for this problem now (or better a workaround). My question is, why […]