From Actions to Commands

I moved from Actions to Commands lately for all XML Security Tools operations. Except some removed icons, the XML Security context menu doesn't look much different. So why all the work (or trouble)? Well, Commands are much cooler: clean separation of UI and business logic, and therefore reusable. Yes, it's possible to reuse Actions too,… Continue reading From Actions to Commands

Eclipse RCP – exporting for multiple platforms

In case you want to deploy a feature based RCP for more than one platform (with the delta pack): Do not forget to add the org.eclipse.rcp feature either as included feature to one of your features or add it directly to your product configuration. The org.eclipse.rcp feature includes all the platform dependent plug-ins and fragments… Continue reading Eclipse RCP – exporting for multiple platforms

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Apache Santuario 1.4.3 available

Version 1.4.3 of Apache XML Security (Santuario) is available. In case you do use this API you should update as soon as possible to the new release. This release doesn't provide any new features, but includes a lot of bug fixes, including a correction for the relatively serious security vulnerability that has been discovered lately.

HMAC truncation authentication bypass in XML Signature

There is a vulnerability with XML Signatures. The W3C recommendation includes support for HMAC truncation, as specified in RFC2104. The thing is, this support is not complete: The RFC does not allow truncation to less than half of the length of the hash output or less than 80 bits (whatever comes first). The XML Signature… Continue reading HMAC truncation authentication bypass in XML Signature

Using Eclipse SWT.SEARCH

After reading Prakash G.R. great blog posts (here and here) about the Eclipse search field I have submitted some updates to the algorithm search in JCrypTool. And noticed some additional things which are in my eyes quite important when using SWT.SEARCH. What happens in JCrypTool when using the algorithm search is that the Algorithm view… Continue reading Using Eclipse SWT.SEARCH

Integrating help in an Eclipse Rich Client Platform

Integrating help into an Eclipse RCP does not require a lot of work. Simply use the ActionFactory to add the help menu item to an existing menu in your ApplicationActionBarAdvisor class: IWorkbenchAction helpAction = ActionFactory.HELP_CONTENTS.create(window); // in makeActions(IWorkbenchWindow window) register(helpAction); // registration is required menu.add(helpContentAction); // add it to the desired menu And voilà, the… Continue reading Integrating help in an Eclipse Rich Client Platform

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