JavaOne 2014 retrospective

JavaOne 2014 is over, and it has been a fantastic experience! Better than my first attendance 2012. Most sessions had a higher quality, JavaHub was fantastic (I just love the Nao robot), enjoyed Geek Bike Ride and met a lot of new and interesting Java developers. The only mixed feelings I have are about both keynotes (Sunday and Thursday). No new content on Sunday, cut off in the middle of the most interesting part to probably make room for the OpenWorld keynote. Thursday contained a lot of advertisement for one of the sponsors (I’m not going to repeat their name), first half hour totally wasted (yeah, I know, the conference seems to need sponsors, Oracle can’t afford all the money, totally poor company, oh, wait…). But the rest of the keynote was actually quite good. Food was poor as always, but the parties in the evenings were much better and the food was ok there (which does not include the beer).

Of course I attended a lot of security sessions and met a lot of speakers I only knew from recordings so far. And as Jim Manico said today, it is nice that the security people started to tell unexperienced developers the same stories and recommend the same solutions. That doesn’t make us interchangeable! Instead it helps the developers to do the right thing and develop software securely.

Next year promises to be somehow special, Java turns 20 (and finally 21 in 2016, legal age to drink alcohol, maybe they will serve good beer then). JavaOne will take place one month later as usual at the end of October. Maybe with a real lunch and a working conference app that does not log you off 10 times a day and does not require session updates 50 times a day…

My slides are available for download here.