XML Security Working Group announced last calls for XML Encryption working drafts

The XML Security working group published the last calls for two XML Encryption working drafts: XML Encryption 1.1 contains, besides some other updates, AES-128-GCM, a new mandatory algorithm to implement which addresses the lately published security problems (catastrophe?!) with XML Encryption. This part alone justifies a closer look at the candidate recommendation.

The other last call is about XML Encryption 1.1 CipherReference Processing using 2.0 Transforms. This recommendation makes the usage of CipherReference transform processing easier with XML Encryption (as defined in the XML Security 2.0 spec).

Besides that, test cases for XML Encryption 1.1 and Canonical XML 2.0 have been updated as well. And of course the XML Security Algorithm Cross-Reference which reflects the latest changes to the XML Encryption recommendation.