JCrypTool on GitHub

JCrypTool moved to GitHub! Migration was a little pain in the ass, mostly due to our somehow strange project structure in our Subversion repositories on SourceForge. The new repositories on GitHub are much cleaner and easier to use. Besides that, of course, GitHub (and Git) is much faster. Our projects at SourceForge will be read-only immediately, all content will be archived.

Our new project home is now located at https://github.com/jcryptool. We still have two repositories: core and crypto (crypto was formerly known as plugins). Our wiki is part of the core project and is located at https://github.com/jcryptool/core/wiki. More content, besides Getting started as a JCrypTool developer, will be available soon.

Besides that, we have created two new Google groups: JCrypTool Users and JCrypTool Developers. Feel free to join! And of course feel free to join the JCrypTool community by developing your own crypto plug-in!