First steps with EGit

I have pushed my first bug fix with EGit today (bug 319343, which occurred when canceling an XML Security Tools wizard). Developing the fix was easy, using EGit not (OK, some rookie trouble):

The commit to my local repo worked fine. But the push failed. I dropped over bug 317389. Every push failed with the error message ,Can‘t connect to any URI‘. Fortunately, the described work around (editing the Git config manually) worked, and I was able to finally push my changes to the XML Security branch.

The next surprise was provided by the index web site. The timestamp for my push was far too old. As it turns out, this timestamp is based on the commit time to your local repository. Seems a little bit strange to me, I would expect the commit and push timestamp to be different. I imagine developers are using this timestamp to check what is already contained in their local repository (via pull) and what is new. And an old timestamp could be misleading, letting someone think this change is already available locally…