Different XML Security drafts updated

Quite a lot of XML Security related drafts were updated during my two months holiday:

XML Signature Syntax and Processing Version 2.0 and Canonical XML Version 2.0 both got updated on March 4th 2010. However both documents are still in working draft stage.

Besides that there is a new XML Encryption Syntax and Processing Version 1.1 from March 16th 2010. This is a working draft too. The XML Security RELAX NG Schemas working draft reflects the latest changes on the RELAX NG schema side.

The likewise updated XML Security Generic Hybrid Ciphers working draft talks about a consistent treatment of asymmetric ciphers when encrypting data. The focus lies on interoperability, which on one side is a nice working draft but comes with the price of another namespace declaration and some new elements for the already complex XML Security recommendations…

And finally there is an update on the XML Security Algorithm Cross-Reference working draft which reflects all updates applied to XML Signature and XML Encryption working drafts (and recommendations) up to version 1.1 (the different working drafts for version 2.0 are not included in this one).



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