Getting involved

More and more people start using JCrypTool. As you can imagine, we are extremely happy about that! And more and more people start providing feedback via the SourceForge thumbs up or thumbs down button. This is probably the easiest way to get in touch with us. And the comment field provides room for a short review.

I‘m having mixed feelings about this field. On one side it is of course nice to read ,I love feature xyz to do this and that.‘. But on the other side it tempts people to mention that JCT crashes or that they immediately found a bug. Yes, this happens.

Don‘t misunderstand me, of course there a bugs in JCrypTool. And we do want to fix them. Every single one of them. So please, use our bug tracker, or our forum, or our mailing list to report a bug. We will fix it. Always. And we want you to continue using JCrypTool without having to work around that particular bug all the time. It‘s your choice, get involved.