JCrypTool milestone 5 development update

It’s been a while since I last blogged about the upcoming JCrypTool milestone 5. Time for an update.

Milestone 5 is still scheduled for end of July/ beginning August. No exact date yet, still too far away. New implemented features up to today are a web browser plug-in and a lot of extensions to existing plug-ins: The File Explorer view provides more file operations, the Algorithms view offers drag&drop and some other improvements and the overall extensibility of JCrypTool has been enhanced. And yes, there is more documentation available, for end users and for developers (still more to come). Welcome Page and sample files are updated and provide a much better first impression of JCrypTool now.

On the other side we fixed a lot of bugs and improved the overall performance. There are still some bugs open, which must be fixed for the next milestone (see our bug tracker).

Ongoing work at the moment affects the new Action view, which is only partly implemented so far. This view will be finished for milestone 5. As well as the upgrade to Eclipse 3.5 and the switch from the old update manager to p2. Other features may be rescheduled to milestone 6.