Working on JCrypTool 1.0.0 Milestone 5

Only short time after releasing milestone 4a, we are already working on milestone 5. This version will be available sometime this summer (probably around August). It will be based on Eclipse 3.5, so we keep our promise to always update to the latest Eclipse version. Planning is not completed yet; we are still looking for new cool and yet missing features. What will be included is a command line tool. This interface gives you the possibility to access any cryptographic operation (as long as the plug-in supports it) via a console in JCrypTool (like the console in the IDE for example) or via the command line of your operating system without launching JCrypTool (we haven't decided that yet, what is your opinion?). So that's a feature interesting for power users who just want to encrypt or sign a file as fast as possible. Another important thing will be an Action View, which will keep track of your crypto operations (cascades). So it's like a macro recorder, including the possibility to save, open, export and import those files. In its final version the cascade will be editable too.

And of course there will be more documentation, I promise! Not only for end users, but for developers too. This includes cheat sheets and tutorials for complete JCrypTool beginners. I know there is a gap at the moment. And documentation has been on our to-do list for quite a while now. We know it is important (for every project, but for an e-learning software even more), but it is a lot of work too. And developing new features is much more fun…

You are invited to propose new features and improvements. Or even better, you can develop them yourself and extend JCrypTool the way you like. Do not hesitate to contact me with ideas, bug reports or feature requests. Or use our home page for other contact options.