My first look at Eclipse 3.5

There are always so many new cool features in a new Eclipse release. Sometimes those guys develop new features you never thought of, but can't live without them any more. Eclipse 3.5 contains a lot of new cool things. And since I do not check out every new milestone, M5 was the first look I had at Galileo. As a Mac user I just love the new Cocoa support. But even better are the product configuration improvements (see my post a little while ago). It happens almost all the time that someone (OK, me) forgets to update the product configuration after changing a feature version number. Well, updating means to remove the feature and add it again. The next developer who uses the launch link ends up with an empty RCP. But this problem has been solved now. OK, the developer still has to update the version number. But at least the version number is visible and one can update it without removing and adding the feature.